The new classification schema is a better one, and that's what justifies it—surely you would agree that scientists having a more logical and more useful classification system is worth the effort, as would be a better food pyramid from the FDA or a more effective order of concepts for teaching math to small children.… » 10/29/11 8:22am 10/29/11 8:22am

Exactly. The little humor there is—and I'll grant you, it's probably quite realistic for a lot of Marine Corps humor—is based on stereotype and misogyny. If you want a hysterical sci-fi action movie, you can't do better than Aliens: "Hey, Rodriguez, do you ever get mistaken for a man?" "No. Do you?" and "Yeah, but at… » 3/14/11 9:28am 3/14/11 9:28am

Yes—specialization carves out a niche, where the organism can invest its energies optimally for survival in that niche. It has disadvantages, too, but so does generalization as a survival strategy (and to some degree the two strategies are in "competition" with each other, as well). » 3/14/11 9:20am 3/14/11 9:20am

Here's my review of Battle: Los Angeles (minor spoilers). It's a tedious, two-hour long commercial for the Marine Corps. It's not anywhere near the worst movie I've ever seen, but good it ain't: no one in my audience was fist-pumping or hollering. I will say that it has very interesting, populist class politics:… » 3/12/11 5:59pm 3/12/11 5:59pm

Evolutionary psych has suggested that we've evolved certain preferences about the opposite sex because they enhance reproduction (preferences ranging from physical attractiveness and health to social prestige). Those studies have often found that rather unflattering stereotypes might have some basis in fact (men… » 2/28/11 9:39am 2/28/11 9:39am

@George Lampard: I just wanted to throw out a moderate, well-reasoned comment. To begin with, just because you don't understand something, you find it confusing or boring, does not mean it's without value, or a load of pretentious, art-house fakery. Perhaps there's nothing there, or—a possibility few people are brave… » 11/26/10 9:28am 11/26/10 9:28am